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Thursday, December 15, 2011


So as Iwas decorating for Christmas this year I came across some grubby old stockings which were cheap and might I say ugly. So since this year I decided to go more natural I thought  why dont I just whip up some burlap stockings. Heres how.
I got some Burlap from Len's Mill Store for $1.79 a yard (I think) and some amazing fabric that had the story of the "Night Before Christmas" scroll writing on it.

This is the amazing fabric. So simple and classic.
So I took my old grubby stockings and used it for a template. I wanted the stockings bigger than the previous one (cause let's be honest, everyone wants a bigger stocking) So Ifolded the burlap and cut out the stocking.
Then I sewed the burlap together and presto there is your basic stocking

The I took my scroll fabric and made a band on the top.
A piece of red ribbon,

                                                    A painted monogram letter,

                                     and presto, a fabulous burlap stocking with a touch of class.

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